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Covered6 – Training the few to protect the many…

Veteran owned and operated Private Sector Training Company, offering specialized training programs, safety products, technology innovation and critical services/employment via a comprehensive Vocational Advocacy program.

Covered6 is a group of highly experienced trainers and subject matter experts that have backgrounds in law enforcement, military, legal community and corporate security. These industry leaders leverage their experience, training and technology to create modern approaches to the current security crisis facing modern civilization.

The world threatscape is changing and the need for first responders has never been more important. With incidents like Active Shooter and Domestic Terrorism occurring weekly, the private sector faces efficacy challenges that are beyond the capabilities of most security companies.

Covered 6 developed the Private Security Specialist Academy to provide a vocational approach to training, job placement and continued upward mobility. More sophisticated training, historically reserved for law enforcement is now available to potential private security personnel, who find themselves responding to traumatic events before law enforcement.

Covered6 offers a Vocational Advocacy program specifically designed to help veterans obtain and maintain employment. This is done by addressing the various challenges faced by veterans, as they transition into the private sector. By leveraging their willingness to protect and serve, Covered 6 helps employers hire and maintain training programs for veterans as they enter the workforce.  Chris Dunn, the CEO and Founder of Covered 6 (a veteran of law enforcement and the military) is always reminding the corporate clients he advises that “Training demonstrates investment”.

The Covered 6 mission is not to meet standards, but to create them. The Private Security Academy is accredited and approved the Bureau of Post Secondary Education, Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, Employment Development Department, Veterans Administration (Post 911 G.I. Bill) and other certifying organizations.

Covered 6 is currently working with the US Department of Labor to bring the same opportunities to veterans on a national scale. The DOL “apprenticeship” model is a proven vessel for training, placing and continued mentoring for veterans and civilian professionals. Private sector employers will benefit by having highly skilled, trained personnel and possible budgetary incentives to hire from the Private Security Specialist Program.

If your organization is looking for the next level in Security Services, seeking to hire veterans with above the standard training, or in need of technology for a current program, contact the team at Covered 6.

For more information on the services provided by Covered 6 or the Private Security Specialist Academy, contact below.

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