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New Power Swing device uses simple science to improve grip for better performance in golf

Power Swing is an innovative new, compact device that enhances the grip of the golfer for a better swing. It features a simple yet creative design to ensure that the golfer is able to hold their club better to have a better shot. The device available in two color options of Black and Translucent can easily be attached or detached from the end of the club. The aid grip firmly holds the fingers and a hand blade to assist a convenient and flexible grip.

Power Swing is a simple attachment that can be placed at the end of the golf club. It features carefully designed extensions for upper and lower support to the fingers. The upper support holds three fingers to relax arm and shoulder muscles and prevent backswing at a steep angle. The lower support holds an end of the palm to deliver power to the head of a golf club.

For a great performance in golf, one of the most important things is to hold the club firmly by using arm muscles and strength from the torso. However, putting pressure on the club may stiffen the fingers which in turn may stiffen the arms and shoulders. Now Power Swing is a unique device that allows the user to save this strength by providing a firm grip without putting too much pressure on the club so that they can do better at the game.

Power Swing has received great reviews from a number of golf lovers and one of them says in their review, “I applied Power Swings to my driver, woods, 4-9 irons, and also to pitching wedge. I think using for pitching wedge and driver is the cost-efficient. Someday, I want to fit for the putter and also the sand wedge. Thanks, PowerSwing!”.

Power Swing is an effective aid grip that helps the user to implement and understand ways golf shots work. It was developed in the process of trial and error to discover easier and more convenient ways to understand the elements of golf. By providing better grip, it helps the user to perform the basics of golf shots more effectively resulting in reduced practice time and improved skills. It is not only for the newbie golfers but also for the more expert ones because anyone can achieve enhanced grip through it for performing a better swing.

The 12 pieces set of Power Swing can be ordered from their official website powerswing.net at a price of $59. 

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