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Uptick in Requests for Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

Engagement ring sellers such as Hayden Cudworth have seen an uptick in the amount of requests from customers for oval diamond engagement rings.

Americans are picky when it comes to buying engagement rings, but oval diamond engagement rings have withstood the test of time, enduring despite shifts in culture, fashion and wedding tastes. The typical oval cut will have 56 to 58 facets meticulously crafted into the surface at precise angles. This causes as much light as possible to reflect off the surface of the diamond, giving the ring unparalleled shine and sparkle.

The oval diamond engagement rings came about in 1957 thanks to Lazare Kaplan in Russia. His innovation in diamond cutting got him into the Jewelers International Hall of Fame and his design endures today as a prized style among those searching for the perfect engagement ring.

One notable type of frequent customer for oval diamond engagement rings is celebrities, who love oval diamond engagement rings for their flashy appearance. The brilliance of the diamond is glamorous enough even for Hollywood’s standards.

It is therefore not surprising to see such a rise in the popularity of oval diamond engagement rings. With the rings appearing on celebrities’ hands more often, engagement ring sellers have fielded more requests for oval rings.

But Hollywood isn’t the only draw among buyers. Oval diamond engagement rings also tend to be more affordable than a lot of other engagement rings, such as round cuts. Even while retaining the reflective, bright qualities of a round cut, oval diamond engagement rings are saving buyers money when they are picking out rings. They are not just flashy, they are also very practical when it comes to the balance of look and cost.

People are also discovering that the smoothness of oval cut diamonds make them more practical to wear in everyday life. They do not tend to snag on clothing or hair the way a sharper cut diamond sometimes can. They have a soft edge that won’t accidentally catch on something as the wearer goes about their daily business.

Beyond this, however, oval cut diamond engagement rings are suitable for a wide variety of settings. They can look classic in a solitaire setting or go for a flashier look in a trilogy setting. And while white gold is one of the most popular choices of band color for an oval cut, they work with rose gold and classic gold just as well, depending on the buyer’s tastes.

More information about oval cut diamond rings and a wide selection of the rings with various settings and metal types can all be found at Hayden Cudworth’s website.

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