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Global Soft Drink Market (2016-2021) – GMI Research

Global Soft Drink Market (2016-2021)-GMI Research
Global Soft Drink Market by Product (Carbonated Soft Drinks, Bottled Water, Juices and Juice Concentrate, Ready to Drink Tea and Coffee and Functionals Drinks) and by Geography – Opportunities & Forecast 2016-2021

The global soft drink market has witnessed a substantial growth in recent years. The rising health awareness among consumers and changing lifestyles of people are the key factors fuelling the growth of the global soft drink market. Consumers are more preferring drinks made from natural ingredients and demanding zero or low calories and sugar drinks. The companies operating in the soft drink market are focussing more towards the development of new products to gain market share.


The demand for carbonated soft drinks is decreasing owing to the increase in adoption rate of low calorie and low sugar drinks as well as drinks made from natural sweeteners. Also, the government rules and regulations pertaining to marketing activities towards children, labelling, listing the ingredients, among others is hampering the growth of soft drinks market.

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The increased demand from the bottled water as well as rising health awareness among the consumers are the key factors propelling the growth of soft drink market in the North American region. United States is the key country in the region having the largest market share. Apart from this, the rise in GDP growth rates coupled with increasing disposable income as well as rising health concerns of people of emerging economies especially China and India are bolstering the growth of the market in the Asia-Pacific region.


This research report on soft drink market provides in-depth analysis of the global soft drink market based on product and major geographies for the period from 2016 to 2021. The report highlights the major market drivers pushing the growth and challenges faced by market participants. The research report provides market size and forecast for soft drink market. The report also analyses the competitive landscape and the major player and their strategies in 2016. The competitive landscape section of the report also captures and highlights the recent development in the market.


The report also profiles the major companies active in this field, including The Coca-Cola Company, PepsiCo, Danone, Nestle Waters, Red Bull, Attitude Drinks Inc., Parle Agro Limited, DydoDrinco, San Benedetto, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Inc.


Key questions this research would answer:

1-    Is the soft drink market growing? How long will it continue to grow and at what rate?

2-    What are the key drivers and restraints in the current market? What will be the impact of drivers and restraints in the future?

3-    What are the regional revenue and forecast breakdowns? What are the regional hotspots for growth in the soft drink market?

4-    What are the various product types and how they are poised to grow?


The global packaging market is segmented on the basis of product and geography:


Global Soft Drink Market by Product
•    Carbonated Soft Drinks
•    Bottled Water
•    Juices and Juice Concentrate
•    Ready to drink Tea and Coffee
•    Functional Drinks

Global Soft Drink Market by Region
•    North America
•    Europe
•    Asia-Pacific
•    RoW

Global Soft Drink Market Competitive Landscape
•    Major Players and their Key Strategies
•    New product launches
•    Mergers and acquisitions
•    Collaborations, partnerships, agreements and joint venture


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Table of Contents (TOC)

1.    Executive Summary
2.    Introduction     

       2.1.    Study Objectives
       2.2.    Scope of the study
                  2.2.1.    Market Covered
                  2.2.2.    Geographical Coverage
                  2.2.3.    Forecast Data
       2.3.    Research Methodology
3.    Soft Drink Market Overview
       3.1.    Introduction
       3.2.    Market Segmentation
       3.3.    Value Chain Analysis
       3.4.    Market Drivers
       3.5.    Market Restraints/Inhibitors
       3.6.    Market Attractiveness and Technology Trend

4.    Global Soft Drink Market Revenue Forecast till 2021

5.    Soft Drink Market by Product
       5.1.    Carbonated Soft Drinks
       5.2.    Bottled Water
       5.3.    Juices and Juice Concentrate
       5.4.    Ready to Drink Tea and Coffee
       5.5.    Functionals Drinks
6.    Soft Drink Market by Region Revenue Forecast till 2021
       6.1.    North America – Soft Drink Market Revenue Forecast till 2021
                  6.1.1.    Soft Drink Market by End-Use Industry
                          Carbonated Soft Drinks
                          Bottled Water
                          Juices and Juice Concentrate
                          Ready to Drink Tea and Coffee
                          Functionals Drinks
       6.2.    Europe – Soft Drink Market Revenue Forecast till 2021
                  6.2.1.    Soft Drink Market by End-Use Industry
                          Carbonated Soft Drinks
                          Bottled Water
                          Juices and Juice Concentrate
                          Ready to Drink Tea and Coffee
                          Functionals Drinks
       6.3.    Asia-Pacific – Soft Drink Market Revenue Forecast till 2021
                  6.3.1.    Soft Drink Market by End-Use Industry
                          Carbonated Soft Drinks
                          Bottled Water
                          Juices and Juice Concentrate
                          Ready to Drink Tea and Coffee
                          Functionals Drinks
       6.4.    Rest of the World – Soft Drink Market Revenue Forecast till 2021
                  6.4.1.    Soft Drink Market by End-Use Industry
                          Carbonated Soft Drinks
                          Bottled Water
                          Juices and Juice Concentrate
                          Ready to Drink Tea and Coffee
                          Functionals Drinks
       6.5.    Countries with high growth opportunity in Soft Drink Market will also be covered

7.    Competitive Landscape
       7.1.    Industry Attractiveness
                  7.1.1.    Porter 5 Analysis
       7.2.    Major players and their key strategies

8.    Company Profiles
       8.1.    The Coca-Cola Company
                  8.1.1.    Company Overview
                  8.1.2.    Financials
                  8.1.3.    Recent Developments
       8.2.    PepsiCo
                  8.2.1.    Company Overview
                  8.2.2.    Financials
                  8.2.3.    Recent Developments
       8.3.    Danone
                  8.3.1.    Company Overview
                  8.3.2.    Financials
                  8.3.3.    Recent Developments
       8.4.    Nestle Waters
                  8.4.1.    Company Overview
                  8.4.2.    Financials
                  8.4.3.    Recent Developments
       8.5.    Red Bull
                  8.5.1.    Company Overview
                  8.5.2.    Financials
                  8.5.3.    Recent Developments
       8.6.    Attitude Drinks Inc.
                  8.6.1.    Company Overview
                  8.6.2.    Financials
                  8.6.3.    Recent Developments
       8.7.    Parle Agro Limited
                  8.7.1.    Company Overview
                  8.7.2.    Financials
                  8.7.3.    Recent Developments
       8.8.    DydoDrinco
                  8.8.1.    Company Overview
                  8.8.2.    Financials
                  8.8.3.    Recent Developments
       8.9.    San Benedetto
                  8.9.1.    Company Overview
                  8.9.2.    Financials
                  8.9.3.    Recent Developments
       8.10.    Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Inc.
                  8.10.1.    Company Overview
                  8.10.2.    Financials
                  8.10.3.    Recent Developments

9.    Appendix

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