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Playing for Sanity looks at the untold stories of America’s impoverished buskers.

July 24, 2017 – Blossem Foundation, an up-and-coming social enterprise working to raise awareness for social and health-related causes, has decided to launch its first ever Kickstarter campaign. The film titled, Playing for Sanity, will center around raw and emotional interviews of our cities’ impoverished street musicians in an attempt to better understand their plight.

CEO and Founder of Blossem Foundation, Cas Kowalewski, and Co-founder, Alice Silva, had the idea after stumbling upon a man singing on a crowded street corner in Washington, D.C. “His voice was so heart-stoppingly beautiful and it completely dumbfounded me that someone so talented and so deserving of more is sleeping in the street,” said Silva.

Street musician engages large crowd with sensational performance.

After talking to a few street musicians, and after a few months of research, Kowalewski and Silva decided to undertake this project to highlight the connection of mental health and street musicians in an effort to educate, as well as bring attention to, the hidden talents in our streets.

“If people can see these musicians for the brave and talented artists who they are, then maybe it would spark something in all of us to stop and think before just thoughtlessly walking past,” said Kowalewski.

Like all great self-started businesses, it takes not only hard work, but also funding. The team took to Kickstarter to help fund this documentary film, and hopes that once successful to take on more similar projects in the future.

For more information, or to view the documentary trailer and back this project, visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/blossemfoundation/198491787?ref=preview&token=1a094df2

To learn more about Blossem Foundation, please visit https://blossemfoundation.org

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